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Comprehensive Community Based Foundation (CCB Foundation) is a local community based foundation working in Somalia for over a decade since its establishment in 2014. The idea of the community based foundation was first initiated by a group of Somali intellectuals mainly women and also Somali Diaspora.

CCB Foundation has operational offices in South and Central Somalia, such as; Mogadishu, the capital city of Somalia and other sub-offices and satellite offices in regions such as; Hiiraan, Mudug, Gaguduud, Lower shabelle, Middle-Shabelle, lower Jubba, Middle Jubba, Bay, Bokool and Gedo.

The Foundation focuses on the Community Empowerment, including human right, youth policy participation, good governance, armed group repatriation, conflict resolution, youth protection, Peace building, Education, Sports, youth capacity building and FGM eradication and other pertinent initiatives that promote youth wellbeing. In this regard, CCB Foundation made embarked on activities in community mobilizations, community awareness raising for child protection and GBV prevention and response, through support of Somalis in the diasporas as well as some youth business persons both Women and men.


The CCB FOUNDATION ‘change is our agenda’ is to vigorously lobby, refer and advocate or the rights of the Somali youth to sustainable development. In life, democracy, education, Health, Wash, Women empowerment, good governance, justice, disarmament and reintegration of child soldier militia groups, prosperity and human rights, to enhance the capacity of the youth, because CCB FOUNDATION believes in what the future has in store for youth. CCB FOUNDATION also believe in the change of ancient ideology to a more modern ideology, which will be full of new ideas and strategic thinking, freedom of choice and expression. It is our intention to inspire, motivate and encourage the Somali youth and grant them a voice that has been silenced due to lack of democracy, gender balance and freedom of speech.

CCB Foundation believes that the Somali youth have the power and ability to create change given the opportunity that they rightfully deserve to get their basic rights.

They have lost their identity, dignity, pride, self-esteem due to lack of security, justice, democracy, equity and freedom of speech, since the collapse of the Somali government in late eighties and early nineties.

Moreover, they have been brain washed and subjected to fighting innocent civilians, erecting roadblock to rob and rape women and

girls, abuse of drugs, losing all moral values thus creating havoc in society and in most recent cases fighting in a religiously guided war, which misleads them further into the circles of hatred, revenge and isolation from their societies, regions and worldwide as well.

(CCB Foundation) as far as a concerned and focused group consisting of Somali youth, understands the need for peace, health, education, sports, which will them development and democracy in Somalia. It has been long overdue; the need is evident and clear for all to see that is why we make it our ultimate goal to lobby and campaign for what we (CCB Foundation) believe is our own future destiny, which should be a future that is promising, peaceful and prosperous for all to embrace and live with peaceful society, through community awareness raising at community level, and subsequently nationwide.

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